Those that know me know that I’m a certified car nut…er…enthusiast, that is. I have always had a strong appreciation for those things that are the epitome of great design and performance. My affinity lies, in fact, with two types of cars – supercars (Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bugattis, etc.) and powerful sedans (BMW M5, Mercedes AMG, even some American muscle in this list, too). What fascinates me about the latter category is that when executed well they provide nearly the same performance as the supercars, but have room to seat four (or more), comfortable luxury amenities, offer better gas mileage, and, all around, are more practical in nearly every situation. They’ll even give the supercars a run for their money at the occasional track day. In fact, they are so good that one should really question why you’d ever buy a supercar. I can think of only a couple of reasons. The first is design. Supercars are indeed beautiful. The second is outright performance. If you need to eek that last tenth of a second off your lap time, the supercar is the way to go. But in nearly every conceivable real-world situation, the powerful sedan is the better choice.
The latest generation of data center infrastructure products on the market today are analogous to supercars. They’re fast and sexy, but expensive and impractical for most use cases. Just like supercars, you sacrifice many features and amenities in the pursuit of ultimate performance. In fact, we hear many customers tell us that the only reason these products have been deployed is because they were the only option in the market. Imagine a world where your car options were limited to a Toyota Camry or a Lamborghini. Lamborghini’s are awesome, but they’re not affordable, utilitarian, or comfortable to drive most of the time. In today’s world of IT operations, if you need more than Camry performance, you have little choice but to buy a Lamborghini solution at the Lamborghini solution provider’s price point, too.

At W&G, we don’t believe you should have to make this type of tradeoff. In fact, we believe that you should expect far more from solution and service providers than what is out there today. We also believe that solutions shouldn’t be looked at in a silo, but rather as an ecosystem of compute power, networking, storage, security and compliance, processes, tools, and services. Add to that a delivery, operations, and management model that really achieves the what it promises at a price point that will satisfy the most demanding person in corporate finance. That’s why we’ve partnered with makers of key enabling and disruptive technologies that break the “supercar” paradigm. Our solutions marry innovative products and services in a manner that’s analogous to the BMW M5 or Mercedes AMG – packed with amenities, tons of performance, and easy to live with in a wide variety of use cases. In fact, they’re even better in two ways. First, if you want Lamborghini – or even Formula One performance – our solutions easily scales to deliver it and more. Scaling that is so powerful it actually goes far past Formula One performance and is more akin to having a fighter jet. Second, the technologies and services that we incorporate into our solutions are so efficient that you don’t have to pay a huge premium for them. After all, fighter jets, Formula One cars, Lamborghinis, BMWs, and Mercedes are more expensive than a Camry. W&G solutions are total cost of ownership competitive with any solution end to end. To sum up, you get the level of performance you need, all the enterprise features you expect, security and compliance you long for, a solution that is easy to live with day to day, and capabilities that you simply didn’t believe that you could achieve.

If the automotive industry delivered better than Formula One performance with the features and amenities of a luxurious sedan, AND with the price, economy, and reliability of a Camry, it would forever alter (or better put, disrupt) the landscape of the business. W&G is doing just that. If you think this sounds too good to be true, I strongly encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can utilize technology to improve your business. It all starts with a simple conversation with our team. Fair warning – you won’t want to give them back.