Removing the Barriers to Cloud Adoption

With cloud computing, containers, and microservices becoming standard, transitioning at least some of your workloads to a cloud environment is inevitable. But your enterprise faces a tough challenge: how do you quickly adopt new foundational technologies to develop and deliver your enterprise applications faster and in a safer and trusted way? W&G will accelerate your migration to cloud infrastructure and application platforms with the optimal mix of technologies and processes for your organization.

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% of enterprises that will prioritize the use of cloud platforms in the next 12 months

% increase in the number of workloads after adopting cloud infrastructure and platforms

% of businesses that will migrate their internal enterprise applications to cloud platforms by 2020

28% are already behind the curve.

10x more! The pent-up demand is real.

More than 60% will be multi-cloud.

Optimized Cloud Platform Solutions for Modern Enterprise Applications

You need to manage more workloads with fewer resources, which is hard...especially if your environment isn't highly standardized or automated. And those workloads are increasing not only in numbers but in complex, as your development teams introduce new technologies that help to drive competitive advantage. But like many organizations, you might be unsure where to start or how a cloud environment will affect application workloads, deployments, and your IT team's skills. We will help you efficiently design, build, and implement scalable cloud platform architectures using our layered full-stack approach - what we call the "New Stack." Our experts will help you to deploy your applications into the right public, private, or hybrid cloud environments and migrate your modern and legacy workloads as needed.

Move from where you are to where you want to be with W&G Services



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Introducing Your Cloud Platform Team

We are a group of passionate "new stack" consultants that will leverage the ecosystem of modern infrastructure and application technologies to improve the development, deployment, and operability of your enterprise applications. We design and implement cloud native computing solutions that power the next era container-packaged, dynamically scheduled, and microservices-based applications.

What's This "New Stack"?

About us

Williams Garcia (WG) delivers solutions consulting for infrastructure and application technologies that power the next era of virtualized and container-packaged, dynamically scheduled, and microservices-based applications.

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